Mobile Apps Development For Enterprise #1

How Do You Keep Transactional Mobile Apps Fully Functional When They’re Offline?

a. Offline Implies Transactional – Offline apps must do more than just provide the ability to read data while out of coverage.

b. Back-End Data Access – Transactional apps that run offline, by nature, imply that access to back-end data sources will be required.

c. Sync Infrastructure – Offline apps require data synchronization infrastructure, which can be difficult to build. This includes mechanisms to retrieve data from a central data source, massage the results, etc.

d. Offline Security – Enterprise apps that run offline carry with them an overwhelming security burden. Mobile developers will need to find ways to ensure data is safe, users see only the data to which they’re entitled, and corporate policies remain enforced.

e. Operations – Offline apps may require specific types of controls in order to keep them running smoothly. For example, an incremental sync

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