how to filter kibana for last 24 hours

#this is what you will face when you using kibana, you want to filter kibana for only show latest data 24hour in your panel.

once you installed kibana and make’s your data live here’s the step to make your panel 24 hours from now

1. open your kibana url something like

2. put a sample filter in your kibana dashboard

3. save your dasboard

4. export your dashboard as json file, it will download file json into your PC

5. edit your json file (the one that you download already), there is should be something like this if you already have sample filter in step 2

"filter": {
"idQueue": [
"list": {
"0": {
"type": "time",
"from": "now-24h",
"to": "now",
"field": "@timestamp",
"mandate": "must",
"active": true,
"alias": "",
"id": 0
"ids": [

6. make sure your filter have this and save it as “something dashboard”

7. click load and pick your “something dashboard”

your filter panel should show last 24 hour from now in real time mode. congratulation

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