Update your fork repo from it’s Upstream

#case: you fork a repo from github into your account, and upstream (owner) of repo have an update and you want to sync it to your fork repo



— you fork my repo: https://github.com/addhe/Akubot then it will copied over to your github account let’s called your github account ‘mrsomething’ Akubot repo will be copy and now it become https://github.com/mrsomething/Akubot.git

— you now able to git clone Akubot thru your github account, you will be able to push, commit and so forth.

— in the future i have update to Akubot and it’s important, you want to update your Akubot and do not want to destroy or remove your custom changes. let’s do this


  1. cd Akubot
  2. check upstream, change the upstrem to my repo
    git remote add upstream https://github.com/addhe/Akubot.git
  3. check git remote
    git remote -v
  4. fetch upstream update
    git fetch upstream
  5. Check out to your local master repo, this will change to master branch
    git checkout master
  6. Merge Upstream update to your local repo
    git merge upstream/master

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